Julia Damm

Topic of your doctoral project Togail Troí in OFM A.11 - A comparison with the version in the Book of Leinster
Keywords Celtic Studies, Medieval Irish, Trojan war; Dares Phrygius, edition
Abstract Togail Troí `Destruction of Troy' is a medieval Irish adaption of Dares Phrygius' De excidio Troiae historia, which is handed down to us in three recensions. Purpose of my dissertation project is to provide an edition of the second recension of Togail Troí as represented by the manuscript OFM A.11. In a second step, the text in OFM A.11 will be compared with the version of the second recension, which is contained in the Book of Leinster, with regard to differences and similarities in language, style and contents
Subject area Keltologie
Advisors Prof. Dr. Erich Poppe, Philipps-Universität Marburg
E-mail JuliaDamm@gmx.de